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"You Be the Judge on Hammurabi's Code has been recognized as a Blue Web'n Hot Site of the week! Inclusion in the Blue Web'n library is an honor reserved for the best online lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, and tools.  We'll soon add your site to our searchable database ... and send a description of your site to over 22,000 Blue Web'n Update subscribers."

Included here are a sampling of the messages received by those who have discovered Hammurabi and were happy with the resources that they found.



From Bonus. com
"Your excellent site, Hammurabi's Code ... has been selected by the editors of, The SuperSite for Kids.  The mission of is to provide access to a rich selection of entertaining and educational works on the WWW, that educators may use in the classroom and children will learn from and enjoy.  The editors of chose your work because it reflects these educational values.  As part of this mission, we are committed to socially responsible content, like the portions of your work that we have reviewed and selected."

From the Philippines
"Dear Mr. Martin,
    I really enjoyed your Web Site of Hammurabi the drawings are great and your facts are very interesting and I learned a lot.  I love how you put that answering of the problems that Hammurabi faced and I tried to answer them but I got them all wrong."

From New York
"I am an instructional technology teacher for grades 5-8  ...   We have a new a lab with 24 Internet connected PCs.  The high levels of enthusiasm and motivation of my 6th grade students as they explored your site was wonderful.  You helped them to understand and analyze many, many things.  Bravo! and thank you."

From Florida
"I love your web site.  I said to myself that this guy is so creative and brilliant.  I love it!  I teach sixth grade social studies and we are just getting ready to study Mesopotamia, so I decided to search the web for possible material.   It's so clever.  I love the art work as well.  I wish I had the creative energy and ideas you have.  Thanks for sharing it with others."

From Pennsylvania 
"I am in 7th grade and just finished with studying ancient Sumer and Hammurabi.  I think it's great that you made this web page for the information of all students.  It is also very well illustrated.  I am in the midst of printing all of Hammurabi's codes.  I am going to share it with my class and maybe even get some extra credit!  Once again I thank you for creating this web page.  I and my fellow students are sure to learn
a lot."

From Texas
"I am an Assistant Professor ... in the Criminal Justice Department.  I came upon your site while doing some research for someone in a computer lab for 11-13 year olds.  I couldn't let the opportunity pass without taking the time to tell you how impressive your work is."

From a grateful teacher
"As a teacher working to create a justice themed unit for kids in prison, I was really glad to find your site.  While we don't have access to the Internet at school, I have downloaded the information I need.  I really appreciate the multiple intelligences pat, too many teacher's resources lack that necessary component.   Thanks for your work!!!!"

From Washington
"My gosh!  You are the author of Hammurabi!   We love that! ... We sent your link everywhere, just as we have with your African myths.  FYI: Your Hammurabi's Code site is being used in computer labs in schools all over the country with web access.  I know this because one day, you must been reloading ... we received over 40 e-mails from various schools, asking if "our" site was down.  We explained -- it isn't ours.  We just strongly recommended it, and gave them your link.  By then, you were back online.  You may not be aware how many schools are using your site, because an entire day of kids from one school will read as 1 on your counter.  But, if you reload your site Mon-Fri, please keep this in mind -- your site is loved and used, nationwide!" 

"Thank you again for all your work.   Creative, original, and fun!  (And excellent learning adventures!)  You are truly a gift to the web!   I hope you find time to write many more sites!"

Compiled and Illustrated by.Phillip Martin
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