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Pupil Owned Written Enacted Recognized PLAYS

I believe giving students the opportunity to express themselves on stage is one of the best ways to develop student creativity and self-esteem. However, too often students are denied the ownership of a production that they are often very capable of accepting. With P.O.W.E.R. Plays, I hope to give you a few tips that could be used to give students more ownership of a production.

Some of these ideas came from a workshop which I took with the New York Metropolitan Opera called "Creating Original Opera". Other ideas were sponged from colleagues with many more years of experience working with students in drama. And, some ideas are from my own brain after I gained some experience while deep in the acting trenches.

The main idea I want to encourage you to try in your future production is to allow your students to be more involved in the entire process. They can do much more than just perform on stage. There is a great sense of pride and ownership with the students when they have written the script, designed the costumes, applied the make-up, figured out the lighting, set the stage, illustrated the program, hung the posters, and then planned the cast party for a successful production. It also takes a lot of the burden and responsibility off the shoulder of the weary director.

You may investigate the various steps followed to create a student written play or go directly to the play "Deep in the Bush, Where People Rarely Ever Go".  I hope you can see through personal experience that when Pupils Own, Write, Enact, and are Recognized for their work, the results are truly amazing.


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2.Acting Games
3. Various Job Assignments6. Part 1   Spider and the Honey Tree


Paper Maché7. Part 2   Black Snake and the Eggs
5.Rehearsal8. Part 3   The Chief Who Was No Fool