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by Phillip Martin
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a Liberian dish from Albert Quayee

Zwedru, Liberia

1 1/2 cups beans

salt to taste
1 gin bottle full of palm oilhot pepper to taste
1 large onion2 chicken bullion cubes

1 small can tomato paste

1 pound meat if desired

Soak a cup and a half of beans overnight.  What ever kind of beans they sell at the market that day will do.  Boil the living daylights out of them until they are easily mashable.  Mash half of the beans to smithereens.

In a deep pot pour in a gin bottle full of oil (half cup) or about a cup if you want it really Liberian.  If you want it more American, only put in enough to sauté one onion.

Brown the onions and dump in a container of tomato paste.  Add salt and pepper to taste, one teaspoon of red peppers, and a couple chicken bullion cubes.  Pour in the mashed and unmashed beans into the pot and bury it all in water -- about a cup or two.  Then boil it all away.  When the soup is thick, it's done.

Serve over rice.