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Use Folk Tales to Bring Africa Alive in the Classroom

The stories used in this lesson were collected by the author while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia, West Africa.  He lived in Zwedru, a town surrounded by the rainforest, or "the bush" as the Liberians called it.   These tales have been kid - tested and approved around the world with students from kindergarten through grade eight. These stories, and any other African tales, work as a great introduction to the wealth of culture and history that Africa has to offer.


Grades 4 to 6, very flexible

Subject   Language Arts, Theater, Information Technology

Purpose   Students of all ages love to (and should) be read to.  Even Middle School Students enjoy the picture books that many mistakenly feel only belong in a primary school library.   Picture books can be a used as an excellent starting point for a wide variety of subject areas. The text and illustrations provide an incredible amount of knowledge (and the students love it if they can find inaccurate information in the drawings.)



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  National Standards Activity One -- Folk Tale Presentations


Curriculum Objectives

Planning Considerations


  Activity Two -- Collaborative Research on Current Issues in Africa

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Meeting Individual Needs

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Activity Three -- Student Written Folk Tale Based Presentations

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Those Who Have Gone Deep in the Bush


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