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Instructions for Note Taking on African Research

You are to explore a current issue facing a region of Africa. xYou will be taking notes from at least FIVE references. xThe key word is NOTES. xYou are not to copy sentences or paragraphs. xYou are to take NOTES!

Notes for each source should be on separate note cards.x If "African Awareness" is your first source on the bibliography sheet, you can put a number one in the upper left corner of your note card. xBe sure to record all of the proper documentation information on the bibliography sheet.

When taking your notes, remember you should not copy the paragraph exactly.  Do not copy the sentences exactly.  You should not write in complete sentences.  Be sure to include the source number and the page number when taking your notes.  Write the phrases in your own words.  Your notes should look something like this:

Example : If in African Awareness, you find on page 85 the following quote about Liberia, there are correct procedures for note taking.  "The country Liberia was established by the American Colonization Society which tried to repatriate freed black American slaves to Africa.  The clearing of land at Cape Mesurado, later called Monrovia after U.S. President James Monroe, began in 1822.  Joseph Jenkins Roberts, who in 1841 became the first black governor, proclaimed Liberia to be an independent republic and became the first president.   He served in office from 1848 to 1856."

On the note card: Source #1 p. 85

-- established by American Colonization Society

-- freed black American slaves returned to Africa

-- Cape Mesurado started 1822, later called Monrovia after James Monroe

-- Joseph Jenkins Roberts, first president, 1848 - 1856

When given class time, spend that time researching your sources that you do not have at home.   Only a few class periods will be given for this research.  Make good use of your time when you have this chance for research.

Remember, your teacher knows all your tricks you.  If you write very large so you don't have to take as many notes, just remember that is an old trick that doesn't work in Africa either.   And, after reading some of the judgments in the folk tales, your teacher may have new inspiration for punishment.