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B. Objectives   Students will be able to:


1 Recognize the interconnectedness of global and local inequities, the human struggle for rights, self-determination, social justice, and a better life.

2 Recognize diverse and universal human values

3 Develop an appreciation for cultural differences and similarities

4 Strengthen cultural consciousness and respect for human dignity

5 Develop an open-mindedness and resistance to stereotyping, increase inclination to empathize and combat prejudice and discrimination

6 Practice skills in perspective taking, cross-cultural awareness, communication, interaction, collaboration, and conflict management

7 Collect, analyze, and evaluate information from different perspectives and worldviews

LITERACY Objectives

1 Access information efficiently and effectively.

2 Evaluate information critically and competently.

3 Use information effectively and creatively.

4 Produce and communicate information and ideas in appropriate formats.


Planning Considerations
Suggested Time:

Introduction reading and brainstorming 1 to 2 class periods

Activity 1  About two weeks of class time.  Individual activities have been broken down for clarification in the lesson.

Activity 2  A little over one week for pre-research activities and research, one week for planning and work in the computer lab, and a few days for presetation of collaborative projects.

Activity 3  One week for a small production.  For a large-scale play production, the rule of thumb is one hour of practice for each minute of the play.

Group Size:

Small groups for research, creation of web sites or PowerPoint presentations

Large groups for acting out African folk tales

Whole class for pre-researching activities

Bushmask2j.jpg (2229 bytes)  Activity One
Bushmask2j.jpg (2229 bytes)  Activity Two
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