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Included below are a sampling of the messages recieved by those who "have gone where teachers rarely ever go" and were happy with the resources that they found.

From Blue Web'n
"Your site has been recognized as a Blue Web'n Hot Site of the week!   Inclusion in the Blue Web'n library is an honor reserved for the best online lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, and tools.  We'll soon add your site to our searchable database ... and send a description of your site to over 28,000 Blue Web'n Update subscribers."

From Pennsylvania
"I am a special education teacher in an emotional support classroom (grades 4 and 6) in Pennsylvania.  We are starting a unit on Africa and I luckily came upon your fantastic site.  Many, many thanks!"

From Indiana
"I just wanted you to know that I am using some of your ideas from your wonderful web site in a proposal that we are writing in partnership with the Snite Museum at Notre Dame."

"I also want to thank you for putting together the links to pen pals from Africa as well.   Your web site is outstanding and I thank you for sharing such great information."

From New Hampshire
"How may I thank you, let me count the ways!!!!  Nope too many  -- You are incredible  ...  At first I was afraid it would be too elementary for my average high school kids -- but I know it is adaptable and it is wonderful. 
You are brilliant and your year must have been fascinating.  I will be using your material to rejuvenate the class -- thank you."

From Texas 
"Thank you so much for putting so much work into your African site.  I was searching for information to help me with the African unit I am planning with third grade.   I was going to teach a storytelling unit based on Anansi stories, and was searching for facts and teaching ideas.  Your site is a gold mine for us.  It will be our first student excursion on the Internet, as well, so we're doubly grateful for your site."

From California
"dear auther
I have never realy done this before so i dont know alot.  I love the webpage deep in the woods where people rarly go its cool coul you please respond mabey?"

From an after school computer lab
"A great site!  I can't wait to use it.  Most of my students are of African American descent.  The folk tales will be so exciting for them.  I will be letting them explore the site often!  Thanks."

"I work with an after school computer club for elementary age students in my school and expect to be visiting your site often.   This is a great way to allow our children to learn the history that is so valuable in their lives.  Thank you again."

From Kansas
"Our 6th graders ... have been doing a 6-week African unit for the past 10 years.  I am thrilled to see what you've done on your web page since I seldom would take the time to input anything there.  Interestingly, what you've chosen to do and what we do are very similar."

"Something we tried with the fables was to have the kids write their own, like you do. Then they developed their fables into a presentation by drawing each character and attaching them to Popsicle sticks.  Using a box or paper sack for the scenery (different sides could be different backgrounds), the kids became the stick characters' voices.  After presenting to our class, they signed up to take their show to other classrooms.  This still allows the practice in front of an audience, but eliminates the time for a play which, I agree, does take forever."

From Friends of Liberia
"Thanks for your effort.  It's so much fun.  I wish Liberian teachers could see what a resource you found in the local tales."

From Australia
"Just wanted to congratulate and thank you for creating an excellent African site.  I spent the whole afternoon browsing through and printing the folktales and lessons.  I get very excited and motivated to teach when I find things like this and it helps me to generate other ideas to use in the classroom." 

From Washington
"Wow!  You must not have a life, to be producing such great Web sites!   Way to go, Phillip!  Looks terrific!"


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