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My first website is my Hammurabi site.  It has gathered me a lot of attention since winning Grand Prize in the Microsoft Encarta Lesson Collection.  It's kid tested and approved -- and nice to know "older kids" appreciate it too.

If you like the artwork throughout this site, you may also like my clip art.  It's great for students and teachers alike.  And, the best thing of all, it's FREE!

Interested in folk tales?   I started collecting them as a Peace Corps volunteer in Liberia. The collection has grown along with my murals. So, if you want to read some tales from Africa, Europe, and the Americas, this is the place for you.

I keep myself busy when the opportunity presents itself with murals at deserving walls around the world. If I find a connection with a church, school, daycare, clinic, community center, hospital or any place else, I'm likely to grab my passport and paint brushes.

I taught art from elementary to high school, so I have a wide range of lessons that might interest teachers of all ages. However, my philosphy of art is not a quick handout to be done during the last period of a Friday. I believe in quality and that takes time. If you have art once a week, the lessons could take many weeks. But, the results are so worth it.

Most people only know about my cartoons. Yes, they are all over the Internet and used around the globe. However, when I have time to be the artist I want to be, I draw portraits of people I meet in my travels. They don't look like my cartoons in any way, shape or form. No, it doesn't look like the same artist at all.

There have been a lot of surprises to come my way because of my art on the Internet. If you want to have a better look, check out my Hall of Fame. It'll show you my work from Paris to the Galapagos Islands and Stratford on Avon to Papua New Guinea.

Teaming up with the people of Mr. Donn's. org, I've illustrated the pages of pppst.com. If you want to find PowerPoint presentations on just about any subject, pppst.com is the place to go. And, just like with the clip art site, it is completely FREE

Speaking of Mr. Donn.org, this is THE SITE to go to if you are searching for any kind of lesson plans and activities. It is a huges collection with just about anything you could ever want. Of course, you will find some wonderful illustrations scattered across the site and links back to some of my favorite sites on the web -- my own!

It goes without saying that I love to travel. Be sure to check out my world travels. And, of course, anyone who travels as much as I do must look up Lonely Planet

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