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Peace Corps Liberia
It's called the Toughest Job You'll Ever Love and you don't have to love the malaria part. I had two jobs working for the Liberian Ministry of Education as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  My first year I was an instructional supervisor over five schools helping to support teachers with a program funded by USAid. 

The second year, the Ministry of Education decided they should tap into the talents I have and offered me a job I just couldn't refuse.  Liberian schools hardly had any reading materials.  My job was to travel Liberia collecting and illustrating Liberian folk tales.  I could never have dreamed up a more fun project. 

When the year of travels were over, I had eighty stories for the Ministry of Education.  Two weeks later the civil war began. I'm sure the stories were lost in Monrovia, but I kept a copy for myself.