Surranimals with Phillip Martin
Lesson Plan
Learner Outcomes: .................................................... ....................................................
Color: Understand that colors can be transparent and opaque
  Understand that clarity of color can be used as a perspective tool
Design: Appreciate the concept of distortion in art
Realize that the contrast of value (tone) causes eye movements over a picture
Appreciate the difference between unity and monotony in art
Line: Appreciate that line is used to represent the world around us
Space: Positive and negative space are used to enhance aesthetics
Texture: Appreciate that texture is used to enhance realism

Appreciate that texture is used to enhance aesthetics

Materials: 25 pencils
  25 art erasers
  25 thick black markers
  assorted colored pencils
Vocabulary: Surrealism, Transparent, Opaque, Distortion, Contrast, Unity, Monotony, Line, Positive and Negative Space, Texture
In this projects, students will select an animal to draw in a surrealistic style using only pencils. Begin by guiding students to draw a pencil by demonstrating on the board. Most student should be able to do that with reasonable success. Students may outline the pencil with a black marker or outline with colored pencils which still provide contrast but not so strong.

After the first pencil drawing, modify pencils. It's still the same process, only a little imagination is used. Pencils can be shorter, fatter, or twisted into very unusual positions.

Students will need to do a little research as homework. They need a printout or photocopy of an animal they may want to use for this project. If they bring in a few pieces of research, I can help them make a good decision about which piece will work best for them. And, they can help peers who forget their homework. There are always peers who forget their homework in a class that meets once a week.

Begin with a contour drawing of the researched object. After the initial shape is drawn, experiment with ways to fill it in with pencils. Note how the pencils on the birds below flow with the way feathers would on wings. Using a variety of sizes and shapes, students create their own animal constructed solely from pencils. Each pencil still has all its pencil characteristics and colors, but they are all molded together to form this new surranimal.

When the drawing is complete, color with colored pencils before outlining with a fine tip marker.

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