Lettering with Phillip Martin

Part of the quarter of lettering is just like it sounds. It is dedicated to lettering. Of course, if the entire quarter was only lettering, there would be a revolt in the art room. There never was. So, the lettering practice is woven into other projects. For more information about lettering and calligraphy, check out the lesson on Illuminated Manuscripts.

One of my favorite activities for any age level for Back 2 School Night for parents has always been the "Parenting from A to Z" bulletin board.  There are their good tips learned on coloring, spacing, and consistent lettering (which parents rarely notice). Why? Because the kids give their parents and everyone else important tips on what they think good parents should be. Usually funny, always insightful, and sometimes a little more than you need to know. It's a great lesson.  

I try to get my artists involved in community service projects whenever possible. A very fun way is to create country specific alphabet charts. Okay, I travel a lot. They could also be state or city specific. Anyway, when the charts are finished, they are donated to other local schools or day care facilities.


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