Van Gogh Flowers with Phillip Martin
Lesson Plan
Learner Outcomes:
........................... ...................................................................................
Introduce the terms hue and tone (value)
Use warm and cool colors appropriately
Realize that emotions can be expressed through line
Recreate rhythm with lines
Recognize simple symbolic shapes in a composition
Understand that the baseline is equal to the horizon
Appreciate that texture is used to enhance realism
Appreciate that sizes go in order
Be aware of background space and how to use it
25 pencils
25 sheets of 9" x 12" bond paper
25 sheets of 12" x 18" construction paper
crayons, markers, or colored pencils
Hue, Tone, Warm and Cool Colors, Shapes, Texture, Baseline

Explain to the students that emotions can be expressed through line and by using certain colors. Simple symbols like a curve pointing up or down indicate happiness or sadness. Warm colors show excitement while cool colors relax. With that in mind, play certain portions of music for the students. Using crayons, markers, or colored pencils, have the students draw lines on the bond paper to match the music they hear. If they fold the bond paper in fourths, they will have enough room for this exercise. Remember color is important. And, not everyone has to agree with each other on the appropriate colors. Try this with four or five very different pieces of music.

In the next lesson, pull the students together to look at samples of Van Gogh's work. Look at the way he used line and color. What kind of emotions might he have been feeling when he painted his pictures? The students will use crayons to try to get a Van Gogh effect of their own "Sunflowers".

To begin, they lightly sketch their bouquet on the drawing paper. The shapes of the flowers may be drawn with simple circles. Students should also remember other concepts previously discussed such as texture, baseline, coloring tips, and use of background space. For a bit of variety, students may choose to make warm colored flowers on yellow or orange paper. Cool colored flowers could be made on light blue or gray paper.

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