I have taught Art from Grade One through secondary Grade Ten IBMYP.  I've divided samples of the lesson plans into Primary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, and Secondary classes.   In addition to these, I have designed classes for mixed age groups of Middle School students entitled Drawn and Quartered, PosterMania and Charting the Globe.

If you are looking for a quick lesson to throw together for a Friday afternoon, go to another site. All of my lessons take several activity sessions. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. I want my artists to have plenty of time to make the best art they possibly can make. You can't do that in one quick Friday afternoon, last period of the day.

Some of the projects on my site are my original ideas and many more of them are sponged. Whenever I find a good idea, I sponge it for my classes. I gather ideas from art books, teacher magazines, other art teachers, exhibitions and any where else I find them. Unfortunately, after years of teaching, I can't remember where I gathered the ideas. I have credited a couple of books and authors, when I remember where I got the projects. However, most of the sponged sources remain forever in my debt and forever nameless. My apologies.

Helpful hint: Throughout my lessons, I've thrown in helpful hints when I can. I've learned this through experience in the trenches. Before teaching any lesson, you really should create the activity yourself. You learn so much about the activity. It helps you understand problems your students may face. You learn things you should and shouldn't do. Yep, always, ALWAYS, make the lesson first.

Oh! Look!!......Alphabetical List of Lessons......Art Vocabulary Words......Oh! Look!!


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