Downtown Gaborone

I didn't buy all of them.



GABORONE.........Forget Professional Development! Opportunity knocked for a free trip to Botswana and I eagerly opened the door.ccI volunteered to give a cartooning workshop that was a no fear, no pressure, and certainly no problem, presentation called NO FEAR CARTOONING.

In between conferences, I walked Gaborone in the heat of the day.ccI didn't learn the population of the capital but it was sparse.ccEverything was new and there was so much open space.ccIt would get worse before it got better.ccOne third of the population was HIV positive.ccI kept counting every three people as I walked through the town.ccA lot of tragedy was yet to come.

A local art teacher took me along with two teachers from Zimbabwe to a basket/crafts shop.ccI thought I might get one basket.ccWell, I got caught up with the others with no regrets.ccThere were two kinds of baskets - Botswana and Zulu.ccThe Zulu were more expensive but none of them were cheap.ccWhen one of the teachers passed over an amazing basket - at an amazing $100 - I snatched it up.ccI figured I could afford it since the school paid fifteen times that to send me to the conference.ccAnd, I wasn't done shopping.ccThere were two more baskets just screaming for me to take them home.

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