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Downtown traffic

OUAGADOUGOU ..........I had to see Ouagadougou before I died and this seemed to be the best time to do it. Burkina Faso was what I expected of Africa with lots of savanna and mud hut villages. I only wished I could have stopped a few times for pictures -- especially when I saw the ELEPHANTS!! They were grazing right along the side of the road.

Elephants alone would have made the trip worth while but Ouagadougou wasn't so bad either. I was instantly greeted by Rasmane at the bus station. I had a feeling after Abidjan that he might be Burkina Faso's answer to a Los Angeles pimp. I was cautious at first. He helped me with bus arrangements, took me to the bank, helped me find batiks at the market, located a place for me to stay, and took me to his house where I could have stayed for free. I trusted him 99%. Not enough after all I'd been through.

Ouagadougou was a dusty little capital city. I found traffic interesting since it was mostly motorbikes instead of cars.

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