I love Egypt.

A room with a view

at the Camel Market

CAIRO xx xxxIt was a little overwhelming going to the largest city in Africa, over 19 million people, and not knowing anyone. Fortunately, I had my "Africa on a Shoestring" guide and many people spoke English. If I asked enough people, I found the help I needed. I was directed to the Hotel Everest. The driver said I couldn't find a room in Cairo for five pounds but I trusted my guidebook. It ended up being six pounds ($2.40) but it included breakfast. And what a treat a treat in the morning! I looked out my bedroom window to see the Pyramids!. Grab the camera!

The first place I wanted to go was the camel market. I followed instructions from the guy at the hotel desk and ended up nowhere close. Someone helped me get a bus and then a kid walked me the rest of the way. There were so many camels and photos to take. When I was ready to leave, I had no idea where in Cairo I was. I asked someone to help me. The Moslems believed if they helped someone that Allah would help them ten fold. A man paid my bus fare and made sure I made the right connection.

What else was a "must-see" in Cairo? The trip would not have been complete without a visit to the Khan El Kalili market. It was like the Old City of Jerusalem. I got a galabeya, essences, and Kirkadee tea. And NOBODY should visit the city without going to the National Museum.

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