Paradise with Everything

Another form of relaxation

DAHAB xxxxMohab and Ahmed took me to Dahab on the Red Sea. It was a paradise resort. It had just about everything -- clear blue water, snorkeling, outdoor cafes, camels on the beach, and mountains. I couldn't believe anyone had ever heard of the place, but it was quite a backpacker hangout.

In all of my travels, I'd never quite stayed in a place like the one I did in Dahab. The room -- and it was just a room -- had flimsy walls erected right on the beach. That was about all it had. There was no bed. I slept on the floor which was in reality just sand on the beach. But, it was one of those times when I got what I paid for. What could I expect when I paid about two dollars a night?

There wasn't much to do in Dahab except hang out and relax. My favorite place to eat was called "The Dolphin". It had reed walls and roof, but carpet covered sand. There were low floor tables, scattered pillows, and lantern lights. People lounged around throughout the day playing backgammon. It had so much ambiance! Nothing really major was ever done in Dahab. However, so many people who arrived in Dahab stayed in that little paradise for the rest of their Egyptian experience.

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