a Camel Ride was a must!

The sign said not to climb there

a cold sunset

GIZA xx xx Since I didn't know how to do it with public transportation, I opted for a taxi tour from Cairo to Giza for around $15.00. The first stop was the Step Pyramid, built around 5,000 BC, and on to the tomb of King Onus. I was so excited to actually see the Pyramids. My eyes watered and my chest was all tingly.

From there, the taxi went on to Giza. The city came right to the edge of the Pyramids. The Sphinx was there (smaller than I expected) but it was all one rock! I rode a camel around the Sphinx and Pyramids. It was worth every penny of the $8.00 that I paid. When would I ever do that again?

Also I bought one of the Arab scarves called an "aoall". A pyramid guide put it on me and then instructed me to climb up for a photo where the sign clearly said not to. Everyone loved it. One man it was the first time he ever saw an Arab with yellow hair. Yellow Hair?

On Giza trip 2 I jumped on the public bus for 15 cents. The first Pyramid by the Sphinx was where the tour buses let off. It was packed full of hot bodies with little to see. It was just a long climb up to the burial chamber and not much to see after all the effort. The second Pyramid had little to see also but fewer tourists. The final Pyramid was just too far off to walk to in the summer heat. Nobody else was there. I was in it all alone. That was neat.

There were signs around the pyramids instructing people to not climb them. I had no desire to get myself in trouble, so I kept off of them. Well, that is, I stayed off of them until one of the security guards asked me if I wanted my photo taken up on one. Opportunity knocked and I climbed.

In the evening I had a front row seat for the light show at the Pyramids. It was good, but I was so very cold. I wrapped up in my aoall. It never occurred to me that the desert would get cold. I learned.

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