Mohab in the Red Sea


SHARM EL SHEIKHxx xx It was heat like I'd never felt anywhere on the earth. Usually in a hot bus that had no air conditioning, you would open the windows for a breeze. On the bus ride to Sharm el Sheikh, the open windows gave a blast of hot air like that from an oven. Everyone closed the windows and endured as best as possible.

Sharm El Sheikh was a major tourist destination with no cheap places like Dahab. But, it was one of the premiere places on earth for snorkeling. I was really excited about going, and it was great. In the waters around Ras Muhammed were more fish and more colors than I'd ever seen anywhere else snorkeling. What a contrast from the very barren landscape!

We also went to a second place called Ras Umm Said to continue the snorkeling. The fish here were good, but the coral was amazing in white, orange, pink, purple, and blue.


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