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the Mosque in Treichville

Ready for Prayer

Streetside Barber

ABIDJAN x xxxIt was simply beautiful to stroll around Abidjan. How were we to know how dangerous it was? We were at the Senegalese market for a while. The merchants were too eager and everything was too expensive. As we sauntered away, we heard a crashing thud. A huge palm branch fell from a tree and missed us by mere inches. It could have done major damage. Maybe it was a sign?

We walked to Treichville, the really African section of the city, where the market was colorful and the merchants aggressive. Again I bought nothing. I went on a walk and found a beautiful mosque. We were about to get a guided tour, but I guess some people protested. Abu, from the mosque, guided us around Treichville. He took us to a restaurant, to a few mosques, and shopping. When the afternoon was over, he escorted us back to the bridge leading to the Plateau area of town.

As we descended the bridge's ramp, the unbelievable happened -- again. Rogues attacked the two girls. It all happened so fast that it took me a while to realize what was going on. But I wouldn't ever forget the knife I saw in one of the men's hands as he chased after Amanda.

After that, our hotel sounded pretty good. Since Amanda wouldn't leave the room, Debbie and I went for some street food. We stayed in each other's sight the whole time. The only thing I could say when we finally got back to our room was, "At least our things are still in the room." A robbery there would have made the day complete. However, I knew I could live with incomplete.

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