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A Sleepy Little Town

Hanging Corn to Dry

KORHOGOxx..x x We went to the Korhogo market. It wasn't much but then we found a whole street filled with goodies. I hadn't bought a souvenir since Man (although I was sorely tempted a few times). I bartered a mask down to 2,000 CFA's and tried bartering for a batik. The batik guy later pulled me back to agree to 3,000. I told him he should have agreed with me when I wanted it. He was upset and walked away without much good to say.

We went to a union of artisans with weavings at set prices. From there the shopkeeper got us a cab to go to his village where the crafts were made. I yielded for a shirt and unique woven doughnut to carry things on your head. And much later, I learned you shouldn't wash material bought in Korhogo. The beautiful shirt I purchased was completely ruined when the colors ran after one washing.

  Copyright 2000 by Phillip Martin All rights reserved. MARTIN