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The Basilica of Yamassoukro


YAMASSOUKRO .......... It was amazing to see Yamassoukro, the sort of capital of the Ivory Coast. It was the president's home town. So, it was the capital and there were all sorts of beautiful new buildings. However, nobody in the government wanted to live there. In reality, Abidjan functioned as the capital.

We wanted to see the beautiful new basilica. It didn't look like much of a walk -- but that was because the thing was so huge. We walked forever and it felt twice as far as forever since we were carrying our luggage. When we eventually arrived (and we were beginning to think it was a mirage), we weren't allowed in because it was not completed.

We had planned on checking out the presidential sacred crocodiles but nobody wanted to walk anymore. We enjoyed our Cokes and watched these kids play a game with bottle caps. It was to see who could go the longest in one breath counting, " Bella, bella, bella . . ."

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