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Ready for Rainy Season

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Gbubba does Gbarnga

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The falls outside of town

GBARNGA  ........  The volunteers with motorcycles had of precautions as they traveled the roads of rural Liberia.  Dust and goats in the dry season.  Mud holes and slippery trails in the rainy season.  Jackets, rain boots, raincoats, and -- of course -- the yellow helmets were all part of the daily preparations.  Unless, you preferred the way these two little boys traveled.  They didn't know that if a volunteer was caught not wearing a helmet that you were immediately sent back to America. 

Gbubba of Gbarnga had to travel farther than most of the volunteers in the Primary Education Project.  It was probably a good thing for her that after a long day of travel on the motorcycle that she could come home -- next door to the Treasure of Love bar.  When I went to visit her, I asked for the Treasure of Love.  That really wasn't necessary.  In any town, all you had to ask was where the Peace Corps Volunteer lived.  Everyone always knew.

There was a County Support meeting scheduled in Gbarnga and I planned on attending.  Did it matter that I'd just recovered from malaria and had spent a few weeks recovering in Monrovia?  Of course not!  As soon as I had permission to leave the capital, I was off to the party ... er, County Support meeting.   It took about a week to get back to Zwedru.

We spent one day visiting the waterfall not far from Gbarnga.  I tried to get to the top of the falls.  It wasn't that high, but it was slippery.  I fell, sprained my thumb, and lost my glasses.  I hated to report that to Peace Corps, but I needed new glasses.  I didn't give any details on how they were lost.

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