All photos on this page from Jennepleta, Bong County

HOUSES .........   It never hurts to ask.

I asked lots of people if I could take their photo. Many said no, and I respected that. However, very fortunately, many other people also said yes. The same thing can be said for these houses. To leave the road and wander up next to somebody's home for a photograph, it was necessary to ask for permission. And, I had to ask for permission when I passed the village of Jennepleta, near Gbarnga.

My first driver didn't want me to ask for permission. He also didn't really want to stop the vehicle. He certainly didn't want me to get out of the Land Cruiser and wander around any village. He "knew" the answer would be no. I wasn't so convinced. So, on my way back to the capital - with a different driver - we stopped in Jennepleta. It was the most beautiful village I'd seen anywhere in the country. And, we asked. And, they said yes.

Like I said, it never hurts to ask.

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