Gasoline and Palm Oil Kernals

To MARKET to MARKET .........   Most markets had a lot of things to photograph. I did my best, but there are always things I think about after I'm back home and it's too late. Liberia had huge snails. They were at least six inches long. I should have photographed a pile of them. You could buy them three for a dollar in Monrovia and perhaps five for a dollar in the interior. Any takers? And then, there is portor. If you don't know what that is, well . . . you're just going to have to read more information in the recipe section of my site.

I don't recommend you eat either of them.

Meat, Perhaps a Little Too Fresh?
Kola Nuts
Hot Peppers - Dried and Fresh, All on Fire!
Choose your starch - Cassava on the Right or Rice on the Left
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