In front of Zwedru's Market

ZWEDRU PARKING STATION .........   It really is the perfect name. You could call the place a "bus station", but there were no buses. The main form of transportation in Liberia is now these old station wagons. Most people head to the parking stations early in the morning to catch their rides. If you go around noon, you may "park" yourself there for four hours as I did, waiting for the next car to fill with passengers. Hence, the perfect name for the place.

But, I was not alone. Two of my artists accompanied me to the parking station as I waited. They took turns babysitting me to make sure nobody took advantage of me. I never felt helpless. I never thought I looked helpless. However, I guess they felt otherwise. Anyway, I was well taken care of and in very good hands the whole time I waited. And, if you are a people watcher like me, a parking station is a really great place to sit and watch the world pass by you.

Just so you know, in the bucket seat next to the driver, two passengers are supposed to fit in somehow. I'm not sure how that is possible. I purchased two seats and still had trouble fitting in. The back seat had four adults and an infant. I tried not to make eye contact because I felt guilty in my relatively comfortable seat.

Koko, one of my guardians
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