along the way to the Market

ZWEDRU .........  Zwedru was almost unrecognizable.  There were some basic buildings I remembered from 1989, but there was so much growth.  I was unable to find my two previous homes.  They used to be in the bush on the outskirts of town.  There was no bush or outskirts where they were once located.  But, I knew where to find the mural location at Multilateral High School.  In spite of all the growth, it was easy.  And, my friend Joshua had been the principal for ten years.

When I lived in Zwedru, there might have been a dozen motorcycles in town. Crossing the street was never an issue. No longer. There had to be hundreds of motorcycle taxis. It was dangerous to cross the street anywhere near the market. However, if you ever needed a taxi, it was never hard to find one. And, I used motorcycle taxis a lot.

My favorite cook shop that was just around the corner from the parking station, the Cool Cabin, was no longer in business. I tried to find where it was once located and even that was difficult. There were two new places to eat, the Florida Guest House and the Cash Guest House. And, I ate a lot of cassava leaves at both of them.

Small kids, big termite mound
Charcoal at the Market
Downtown Zwedru
Gone Fishin'
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