ZWEDRU .........  Even though I loved my motorcycle taxi rides, I also walked all over Zwedru. It really was the best way to see and photograph the town. When I lived in Liberia, back in the Dark Ages, there was no digital photography. Back in those days, you counted how many pictures you could take and budgeted the number of rolls of film you purchased. This time, I was able to take and delete photos to my heart's content. And, it was content.

The photos I most wanted to take were the ones that showed everyday life in Zwedru. I wanted the market, the parking station, the little streetside shops scattered across town, people washing clothing by hand, adobe blocks, coal pots and kids at play along the street. An awful lot had changed in Zwedru, but a lot of daily life was just as I remembered it.

After my walks, I was always drenched in sweat. Always! So, I especially enjoyed a new addition to my Liberian experience - cold water. It wasn't available in the Dark Ages. Back then, I "refreshed" myself with warm Coca-Cola. That really is never refreshing.

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