Psst, wanna blanket?

Debbie's fashion statement

BAMAKOx x....xxInstead of the back of a truck, we found a station wagon headed to Bamako. It was with three Americans who bought the four middle seats. Amanda, too paranoid to sit in the front of a car, somehow squeezed into the back seat with two Italians. I sat in the front seat for the nine hours of pain.

We spent time at the Bamako market getting the last of our souvenirs and then made arrangements for home. We decided to fly out of Mali. It was a bit more expensive ($200 by air vs. $100 by land) but a lot less wearing. The ride back by land was a five or six day threat.

What a joy to return to Liberia! We were hit head on by heat and humidity as soon as we got off the plane. Customs was a breeze (It was in English!) and even getting the cab ride in was a pleasant experience. Debbie (who had returned earlier) had spread the word of all our misadventures so we were semi-celebrities when we got back. Everyone wanted to hear our versions.

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