KATUTURA..........The population of Windhoek is about 350,000 people and more than 200,000 of them live in the northern area of town called Katutura. Originally a black-only township, Katutura now offers a variety of neighborhoods from luxurious to very poor. However, unemployment is high and a majority of the population live in poor conditions. HIV/Aids and tuberculosis continue to plague Katutura, as well as much of Africa.

In one of life's little surprises, my clipart site was discovered by my new friend Margaret as she looked for art to decorate a daycare for Aids orphans. Of course, I wanted my art to be used at Beautiful Kidz (their official site) but I had to go to Africa to help. Margaret took care of the arrangements for the daycare, lodging, found me some extra work with Neo Paints (the company that donated the paint for the mural), and even had a couple animal safaris thrown into the mix. Her husband didn't want her to arrange his life like that, but I was in her hands for two and a half weeks.

the Beautiful Kidz
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