Mural 1 in Katutura, Namibia

The WALL MURAL        I was warned that the mural project was huge. However, that just didn't prepare me for how huge they really meant. Well, things are big in Africa, and this mural was really, really huge. It was two very, very long walls.

Fortunately for me, there was a volunteer group from Holland at Beautiful Kidz (their official site) while I was there. I designed, they painted, and I touched up. In addition to the Dutchies, there were volunteers from SGA auditors, the Beautiful Kidz staff and lots of other friends of the daycare. That mural could not have been done in the time I was in Namibia without all of their help.

"help" right from the start It wasn't all work.
me and my main crew
Inge, the outliner
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