on the prowl

an itty bitty kitty


OTGITOTONGUE    The people at the Otgitotongue Cheetah Farm fell into cheetahs in ways similar to how the Siddels of Chimfunshi, Zambia, fell into chimpanzees. They raised goats and sheep, and periodically, the owner caught cheetahs that killed his stock. Instead of destroying them, he'd send them to zoos and parks in South Africa.

Once, he captured a pregnant cheetah. When young were born in captivity, cheetahs frequently killed them. So, the three cubes were hand raised and adopted by the family. Word got out that a farmer had three giant "kitty cats" at his home and tourists started coming. So, a campsite, several lodges, and a bar were added to the farm.

Then, the Namibian laws changed and cheetahs could no longer be exported out of the country. So, large enclosures were made on the farm for more cheetahs. It provided protection for both the cheetahs and the local livestock. As area ranchers captured more cheetahs, they brought them to this farm.

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