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Axon, the story teller

Sacred Tree of the Village

drums in the kraal


NYANI VILLAGE............... I spent one night at Nyani village, a traditional Shangaan tribal village. Our host, Axon, said it was the actual home of his grandfather. Just like everywhere else, the traditions were dying out. So, he set about to restore the village and make it an educational Shangaan cultural experience. He got money from tourists, but his real mission was to bring in school children for free.

We had a tour of the village, ate traditional food very similar to Zambian cuisine, and then sat in the kraal for dancing, music, and stories.

Games and stories were ways to teach lessons and morals. Of course, I was interested in the one story Axon shared.

An old lion was hungry. When he saw a massive bull buffalo in a clearing, he wondered if he still had what it took to bring down the bull and kill it. He knew it could feed him for quite some time. The old lion planned his attack, taking the bull by surprise. Then, he ate his fill. When his feast was over, the old lion let out a mighty roar to assure the fact that he really was still the king of the beasts. Unfortunately, a hunter nearby heard the roar. He quickly rushed to the clearing and shot the old lion.

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