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Colonial Dutch architecture

in the heart of wine country


STELLENBOSCH............After reading The Covenant by Michner, I wanted to see Stellenbosch.The people who worked at the hotel desk in Capetown said that under no circumstances should I take the train on the weekend. I would be robbed.

I looked into hiring a ride (different from a taxi). I was quoted a prince of 400 Rand (just under $60.00) and knew there was no way. A taxi would have been even more. So, I took the train on a workday during business hours. Round trip was less than three dollars - my kind of travel.

Stellenbosch was the heart of the wine country. I didn't want a tour there because I'd heard people just went from winery to winery getting plastered. Not my idea of fun. But, I wanted to see some of the colonial Dutch architecture. It was a quaint little tourist trap town. Been there, done that, and I made it safely back to the hotel without getting mugged.

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