Lake Victoria

Uganda National Flag

ENTEBBE and LAKE VICTORIA  ..........As I flew on towards Uganda, I knew Lake Victoria was one of the things I wanted to see, but I wasn't prepared for the size of it. The lake was enormous! I learned later that it was large enough to border three countries, Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya.

Entebbe was located on the shores of Lake Victoria, something I wanted to see - but certainly not touch. Unfortunately, the lake contained those little snails that crawl through your skin and enter your bloodstream, causing river blindness.

I went to a beach but certainly didn't get in the waters. In addition to the bilharzia, there were (hopefully) gnats or (malaria-carrying) mosquitoes all over the place. I snapped some photos and hopped back on the motorcycle taxi to be safely carried back to the hotel before the rains.

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