the memorial close-up

the memorial site

NDOLA........ I never really had any plans to visit Ndola. But, as I traveled in Zambia's Copperbelt region, I learned first hand that roads were not very clearly marked. Most weren't marked at all. At one point I even asked two people if I was going in the direction of Kitwe. Both assured me that I was. It wasn't until I arrived in Ndola and looked on the map that I knew for sure that I was going the wrong way.

Had I known what there was to see in Ndola, I would have made plans to go there. To my surprise, there was a memorial for the United Nations Secretary General, Dag Hammarskjold, who died in a plane crash outside of Ndola in 1964. He had come to the region to try to bring peace to warn-torn Zaire. It was suspicioned that his plane might have been shot down. It was certain that the problems in that country had yet to be resolved.

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