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GUACIMO.... To get from San José to Guácimo, you have to drive through the cloud forest. On a lucky drive you might see capuchin monkeys and morpho butterflies. For certain, you're going to see clouds. No matter what the weather is in San José or Guácimo, it doesn't change up in the clouds.


In Guácimo, there is still rainforest in and all around Earth University. You're just no longer up in the clouds. The campus was the most beautiful one I've ever seen. I think it's the most beautiful campus in the world. It's also the hottest. The heat was sweltering.

I took a bicycle ride down a path through the university banana plantation (with the fruit covered in plastic to protect it from insects) and on into the rainforest. On a lucky day you might see a boa constrictor or crocodile. I saw a couple kinds of monkeys, iguana, an armadillo and a whole lot of mosquitos. Well, mostly they saw me.


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