DISCOVERY MUSEUM TITANIC EXHIBITION... Around the corner from Times Square, the Discovery Museum featured the Titanic exhibition. There were artifacts from all three class sections where passengers stayed. (However, I didn't get any photos because cameras weren't allowed.) Third class was supposed to be a treat compared to other ships with straw mattresses, but it didn't look very good to me. But, first class was luxury by any standard. They even had a swimming pool and a sauna! The price for that ticket in today's market would have been $40,000! There were two ultra luxury cabins at $90,000! Unbelievable!

The exhibit had decorative metal railings, dinnerware for each of the three sections, tickets, brushes, bottles and assorted other items from the ship. There was, however, no portrait of Kate Winslett. And, one of the highlights of the exhibit was the reconstruction of the main staircase leading to the first class dining hall.

Everyone entering the tour was given a boarding pass with the name of an actual passenger. At the end of the tour, you could check to see if you survived. I didn't.


"My" fateful boarding pass
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