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OMEPETE...... I had no idea what to expect upon arrival on Omepete. It didn't take long to see that they had discovered the value of tourist dollars, yen, euros, pesos and córdoba. In a very short bus ride I saw pizza shops, internet cafes, backpacker hotels, souvenirs and tour operations. However, my bus drove on past all of it and out of town. We took the road that circled the island, sharing it with scattered herds of cattle along the way.
Outside of the village of Los Angeles, down a dirt path that could disappear in the rainy season, was my destination for the week -- Cicrin Orphanage. It wasn't the kind of depressing orphange that you might imagine. The campus was right on the beachfront and beautiful. And, I didn't leave the grounds for a week.
Bird of Paradise Bird of Paradise
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