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RIVAS ...... I really didn't have a lot of time in Rivas. It's on the main bus route from San José, Costa Rica to Managua, Nicaragua. And, as soon as I got of the bus, there was a swarm of taxi drivers (which is always better than mosquitos) looking for passengers. Although I prefered the idea of the bicycle taxi, three of us -- with luggage -- piled into an automobile.


  Captain at the Wheel

Our destination was the peer, in search of a ferry to Omepete Island. They ran on a very frequent schedule. So, it wasn't long before we set sail. Well, it wasn't exactly "sail", and the captain had a very unique way to "man the wheel". It wasn't a high pressure job.

Omepete Island was formed from two volcanoes. Sometimes there was volcanic activity, but fortunately not on this trip. Although Mt. Concepción was beautiful on the trip to Omepete, I rarely saw it on my week in the island.


Mt. Concepción
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