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SPACE NEEDLE ..... One of my desserts was the monorail across town to get to the Space Needle. It was built for the 1962 World's Fair in Seattle. It is a fun way to cross over the town. And, cross town I had to do in order to get to that other item left over from the 1962 fair, the Space Needle. It symbolizes the city for most visitors. I'm not sure what the locals think about that. But, surely it generates a big income for their city. It's a whopping $16.00 to go up the needle. Only to be done once, but it has to be done. The view is spectacular.

There is a park by the Space Needle. On a steamy summer day it is a very cool place with a water fountain large enough to entertain vast hoards of hot children. Timed by computers, it is a game to guess just when things will spout out water and in what direction. Everyone who ventures near has a refreshing time.


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