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Hindu waiter at Mt. Batur

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Hindu style architecture

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Grandmother in the terraces

MT. BATUR, BALI      I hired a motorcycle and driver for a scenic tour.   Rai Supartha was my wooden flower connection / guide.  It seemed everyone in Bali had their fingers in all areas of tourism. He also worked at a hotel.  We headed to Mt. Batur Volcano.  It wasn't my destination of choice.  In fact, I had planned on going there later.  But, after seeing it once, I decided I didn't need to do that again. 

The tour was a little shorter than hoped for.   I'd wanted to see some remote temples -- or something!  Instead, we picked some hibiscus flowers and came home to Ubud to make tea right around noon.  The key was to use lime juice to extract the color.  One flower per cup and sweeten to taste.  It was good!

Wira, the homestay connection,  took me to a restaurant in the middle of the rice terraces.  Of course, you paid for the location and view. However, paying for two people to eat in Bali was still cheaper than paying for one in Makati.  And, it was worth it all for the hike afterwards into the terraces.  We met a priceless little grandmother who asked to be photographed.   She wanted to talk and her questions were good.   How can people from other countries who earn different currencies get money to spend in Bali?  Do Americans work in rice fields?  If there are none (and that was simply inconceivable!) what in the world did Americans eat?

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