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The Twin Towers dominate

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A little devout

KUALA LUMPUR      What a beautiful city! Skies were clear blue, traffic was light, and the city appeared so open without so many sky scrapers blocking the view.   I took a tour up a tower that dominated a hill in the middle of the city.  The city was spacious, green, uncrowded, and adorned with unusual architecture in every direction.

I toured the Central Market, mounted one of the tallest towers in the world to eat at the highest McDonald's on the planet, and ascended hundreds of steps to enter the Batu Caves.  This huge cavern was a Hindu pilgrimage site.  There were lots of Hindus in yellow robes with a yellow powder on their shaven heads.

There was a Hindu festival two days after I left.  I seriously hoped for a flight cancellation or some excuse to remain.  However, the caves were crowded enough for me on this non-holy holiday!  The Hindus reportedly stuck hooks in their bodies on that celebration.  It was not an event I wanted to witness.

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