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North Vietnamese chic

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Streetside Barber

HANOI   .....  I was instantly impressed with Hanoi -- quaint, quiet, clean, and so very green.  I stayed in a not to be remembered hotel in the center of the city.  But, the menu at the little hole-in-the-wall restaurant next to the hotel was a hoot.  Never mind the hospital green walls and matching ceiling fans, the menu fascinated me.  It included pangolin, hedgehog, boa, eel, turtle, and dog.  I managed some chicken.

The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum was closed, but his museum was open.  It was truly the most beautiful museum that I had ever seen.  Not only did it display history, but each display was a unique piece of art.  It combined glass, lacquerware, metal, bamboo, stone, and cement to show the history of their founding father.

The water puppets were a must for the evening.   It was a good mix of traditional costumes, folk music, and elaborate puppetry all done in a very colorful setting.  The puppets all performed in a small pond.   The puppeteers behind the stage used ropes and poles to make their creations come alive.  It was a "must see" in Hanoi.

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