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My friends and hosts, Haxhi and Vita Kotoni  

GJIROKASTER (2010) 11111.I've visited Gjirokaster in the sizzling heat of summer, while everywhere was bursting with spring flowers, and the third visit included winter snow. However, since I have photographed a lot of this city before, this time my photos focused on friends, artsy-fartsy angles, and my murals.


Walls and windows at the castle

It's a long haul to get to Gjirokaster. I found it best to break the trip into two days, one for flight and one for a very long bus trip. However long the trek, it's like going home when I get there.

This trip didn't have much time scheduled for anything tourist oriented. Work on the murals lasted from the moment breakfast was over until long after students left school. And, it included the weekend.


It really wasn't the best time of year to be a tourist anyway. It was cold, snowy, cold, cloudy, cold, grey and cold. On the one afternoon that had blue skies and puffy white clouds, paint brushes were cast aside for a trip to the castle.


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