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Not much on the outside

the living room

Dining room in Morrocan red

Bedroom before mosquito net


DESGUINLEI 178 .... Someone suggested July might be a better time to apartment shop in Antwerp than August. Someone possibly lied. But regardless, I scrapped my London plans and headed to Belgium to go apartment hunting.

A coworker shuttled me around to a list of about twelve places. Most of them were awful. I asked if he thought I was being too picky, and he assured me I wasn't.

On my final day of searching, I looked at two very small apartments. Both had the bathroom down a half a flight of stairs and separated from the apartment. And, I almost took one of them.

Before saying yes, I wanted to see the last apartment on my list. Wow! I was glad I did. The outside didn't look like much, so I had no idea of the treasure that was hidden there. The double doorway lead into a foyer. To the right was an elevated dining room. Ahead was a newly finished kitchen and bathroom. Behind them were two connected bedrooms. That was enough space for me.

But, there was more! My jaw dropped when I saw the living room on the other side of the dining room. It was huge. Yes, it was more expensive than I wanted, but there was no way to let this by after the other places I'd seen. I was housed, thrilled, and so glad I had skipped the London theater to come to Antwerp.

I lived on Desguinlei for two years. Then, I bought my own huis sweet huis.

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