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Prins Leopoldstraat 80

HUIS SWEET HUIS...I looked at so many different houses and apartments around Antwerp.. Most of them needed massive repairs or were just too far out of my limited price range.. And, my price range was very bottom of what was available in Antwerp.. But, in the course of the year, I learned a lot of the back streets of the city as I explored several neighborhoods that Belgian friends said not to live in.

My trusted guide and unofficial agent was Stefan, who used to sell houses. If I found something of interest to me, Stefan inspected it to give me his opinion. Usually, his advice was to look for something else.. When I first saw my house in Borgerhout, it was listed with a real estate agency.. I called about the price, but it was a little out of my range.. However, a few weeks later, the same house was listed for sale by the owner, dropping the price $8,000.. Now it was worth calling about.. I looked at the house alone first, and then said I needed to bring Stefan along since he knew all the things to look for and all the questions to ask.. When he saw the house, he said, "You MUST buy it!"

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