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the ground floor


PRINS LEOPOLD STRAAT Apart from needing a new roof (which was a big apart, I agree), the place could have been moved into without changing anything.. At first, I thought the couple who had lived in the home for thirty years did a lot to take care of the place.. However, to my artist's eye, they had absolutely no taste.. Later I came to the conclusion that they hadn't done much cleaning or gardening in the last ten years.

Horrid wallpaper and wood paneling were out immediately.. There were other things that I knew I wanted to change, but only time and money would tell for sure.. I was very glad that there was the chance that some free lance cartooning for Notre Dame Cathedral had just come my way.. It gave me the molding I wanted to go around the ceiling of my bedroom.

Click on the room to see a few of the before shots of the ground floor.. Hopefully, you'll agree about their sense of taste and mine.. And if you want, you can see plans for the second and third floors.