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AMSTERDAM... Even people who live in other parts of Holland, shake their heads about their capital city. . It is Europe at it's most wild and liberal with personal freedom, liberal drug laws, the gay center of the continent, and a red light district with women on display in glass rooms. ..So, remember to close your mouth as you walk the city. . It's easy to walk around with eyes wide open and jaw hanging down.

Of course, there is great culture and art in the city too. "Must see" items include the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum...I was lucky enough to hit the Van Gogh / Gaugin exhibition that had all of the continent in line. .The next time I visited it was much less crowded and just as beautiful.

I had trouble finding the Anne Frank house on my first visit to the city. ..In fact, I never did find the place. ..Someone said it was easy if i just looked for the long lines on the sidewalk outside of the museum...That was how I found the place too...And, it was so moving....I thought I wanted to take my time and slowly take it all in....But, I couldn't do it. ..There was too much to take in and it was overwhelming. ..I couldn't stay.

There is a lot to see in the city. And, it is especially wonderful in the spring when tulips are in bloom, people line the outdoor cafes, and boats cruise the many canals.


Anne Frank House
The Place to Gogh!
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