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Mauritshuis Museum Escher Museum

DEN HAAG (The HAGUE)... I went to Den Haag specifically to visit two museums, the Mauritshuis and Escher Museums. If you do the same, first go to the Mauritshuis. There are signs pointing to it all over the center of the city. It's pretty hard to miss, and I hate it when people tell me that.

You go to the Mauritshuis Museum to see Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl Earring. It is beautiful, and it is why I visited. However, the museum also houses a landscape of Delft by Vermeer that has so much more detail. And, it was easier to see it up close. I knew where the pearl earring was because of the crowd in front of it. You can't take photos inside (at least, I didn't see anyone do that so I didn't) but I found my favorites by Rembrant, Rubens and Vermeer online.


Rembrandt's Homer as well as Rubens' Old Woman and Boy with Candle.

There were signs all over the center to find the Mauritshuis Museum. The Escher Museum was a whole other story. I walked in circles and finally found myself back at the Mauritshuis. I asked a museum employee for directions. It wasn't far away, but you have to know which direction to go. Lesson learned . . . ask for help.

Unlike so many other museums these days, you can take photos at the Escher Museum (no flash). I was in heaven! The museum itself was once a residencial palace of the Dutch royal family. So, it was interesting to see the rooms as well as what hung on the walls. Escher was a graphic artist known for drawing impossible scenes. Some of my favorites were on display.

A few Escher's amazing pieces found (and photographed) in the Palace
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